Rose Gold Everything!!!


Hello readers!!!!!!!! I wanted to post something quick for you guys. I recently did my nails. I love doing my own manicures. Here I painted my nails with Orly’s “Rage” and Sally Hansen’s “Ring-A-Ding”!!!! It looks like I have little mirrors in my nails! I usually like creams but I’m obsessed with the glitter and metallics. As long as I’m obsessed I’ll keep wearing them!! I hope you like them!



Back 2 MAC!!

As you can see I have a lot of MAC lipsticks. Those are not all of them either!! I love lipstick period but, as I said in my previous post I need to cut back. I will Back 2 Mac my empty items. Back to Mac is MAC’s recycling program. When you have six empty containers you can go to any Mac container or store and trade your empties for 1 lipstick or 1 eyeshadow.

I already traded my 6 empties for this Mac Lovelorn lipstick. Doing Back 2 Mac makes me want to use my products and it felt good to know I did something good and I was rewarded in the end! If your confused about what can be traded check the boxes and it will tell you!!

Thanks for reading!!


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