My Favorite Products!!

MUFE Face and Body #18 This foundation do not settle in my smile lines, it does not make me look like I have a mask on my face and it just looks good all day.  I like to look natural but not natural if you know what I mean. I also would like to give the MAC Face and Body a try so I could compare the two but for right now I’m loving MUFE!

Mac Studio Finish Concealer NC45. I used this concealer on my blemishes, This is my fav because it does not move, great coverage and it stays all day.
Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer NC45. I like this one too because to me it does the same things studio finish does it’s just a little creamier amd smoother.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit- Golden. I use this one under my eyes. When I stay up all night from doing homework, the next day I look like death. I put this concealer under my eyes and set it with the powder that comes in the kit and I look bright eyed and bushy tailed!! HA!
I can’t go without concealer!!!!
NARS- Casino. I love this Bronzer sooooooo much!! Most days I wear concealer and Bronzer on my face. This bronzer makes me glow and I look like I just stepped off the beach. I love this bronzer.
 MAC Brow Shader –Ivoire/ Walnut (Discontinued) Since I have very thick brows I like to used this powder to fill in the sparse areas. I used the lighter shade under the brow and they still look natural and not too strong looking.
Right now I’m wearing Great Lash BIG, Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black. I love these two together for extra UMPH!!  When I’m in a rush I will wear Great Lash alone. I just started wearing the YSL Radical Noir (not pictured) it reminds me of Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black but just a tad bit better. I will give a full review in a later post.
Dior Lip Glow. If I need something to put on my lips and I’m in a rush this is my go to lip balm. It has spf 10 and it gives me just a pink tint on my lips. I love this stuff!!
 I do own eye shadows but I don’t like to wear eye shadow but I,  prefer colored eyeliners. I would wear eye shadow sometimes, only if I’m in the mood to wear them. I know it’s weird.
My Blush  is always different. For right now I like corals and oranges. What are you favorites? Smooches!


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